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About UPM

U.P.M. Kunststoffen is a medium-sized company started in 1980 and part of a group of companies with its main activities in compounding and manufacturing micro-powders of PTFE. We are an ISO 9001 certificated company with customers all over the world. Our main market is in Europe but we also supply to Asia and other continents.

Our Team

Our team has a pleasant co-operation between all divisions. The sales division has a large general application knowledge, our laboratory has built up a large historical properties database of products and the production team stands for an optimum in quality and speed. The interaction between the departments will encourage an atmosphere where innovation and product improvement will go hand in hand, which is very important for developing new products. Our production department has a lot of practical experience and is always looking for new and better production methods to improve our products and production capacity.

werknemer ipg met klant

Early 80’s United Polymer Mixers was founded by Mr. Ed van Gilst. With his broad knowledge and experience within the PTFE production, combined with ingenuity and entrepreneurship, he was able to create a sound basis of the company. Many different production methods were introduced and sales start to increase, not only on the domestic market but also in many countries in Europe followed  by intercontinental markets. 

By 2003, the year that has son Robert took over, the company made a strong growth and increased its portfolio and production capacity. The following years the number of people, markets and sales were boosted under the inspiring leadership of Robert.

From 2013 on UPM Kunststoffen founded a pressing department and starts a joint venture with a machine factory. By doing this UPM could offer the whole line of products, from compounds to semi-finished products, to the end product.

By 2020 the company was split into 2 different production entities. UPM Kunststoffen covers the production and sales of the micro powders, where UPM Compounds, as the name already reveals, produce the compounds.  

Today the commercial activities of UPM are covered in the IPG group. Herein all the companies that are part of a the holding, join their sales activities in the domestic and international markets.