U.P.M. Kunststoffen B.V. is a medium-sized company which was founded in 1980. Nowadays we are an ISO 9001 certified company with customers from all over the world. Our major supply chain lies within the European Market, but we export  to the US, Asia and the Middle East.

We have established and maintain good relationships with all of our customers ,some of these business contacts go back over 30 years. We are proud that our annual customer contentment investigation gives us very positive feedback. Overall, we are being regarded as a reliable, flexible business partner with a good price/quality ratio, a large product range and excellent delivery times.

Our Product Range:
PTFE compounds
We mainly produce at specific customer request, fully tailor made compounds. With our large diversity of products we are able to reach every type of specification. <read more>

PTFE lubricant
We can supply several types of PTFE lubricant, based on virgin or reprocessed PTFE.
Our team is very effective and has proven to co-operate well between all divisions. The sales division has substantial general application knowledge. In our laboratory we have build up a large historical properties database of products made by U.P.M. This is of great value for Research and development of new products. Our production department has extended practical experience and is always looking for more efficient production methods  in order to improve our products and production capacity. Over the years, UPM has developed specific compounds together with customers. We have signed secrecy agreements and will adhere to these unless the customer tells us otherwise. <read more>

Our products and knowhow of this industry is so diverse that  our website is too restricted to share all of our business details with you . We therefore advise you to contact us if you have any further questions on any of the above related matters.