Compounds and micropowders

United Polymer Mixers is a flexible and dynamic organisation specialised in the compounding and manufacturing of PTFE powders. Where UPM Compounds B.V. is responsible for manufacturing hundreds of different compounds, UPM Kunststoffen is the production facility of Lubricants. (micro-powders)

To serve our customers in the best way, UPM possesses two production units with over 2000m² in total on floorspace covering manufacturing, expedition and our laboratory.
The reliable machines can produce the required demands of products in the shortest possible delivery times. In the more than 40 years of existence, UPM developed itself to become a well-known company within the PTFE market. With highly experienced and motivated employees, UPM is able to manufacture standard PTFE compounds, but also special products based on customer requirements, the application or typical market demands like aeronautics or nuclear.

About Us

U.P.M. Kunststoffen is a medium-sized company started in 1980 and part of a group of companies with its main activities in compounding and manufacturing micro-powders of PTFE. We are an ISO 9001 certificated company with customers all over the world. Our main market is in Europe but we also supply to Asia and other continents.

Our team has a pleasant co-operation between all divisions. The sales division has a large general application knowledge, our laboratory has built up a large historical properties database of products and the production team stands for an optimum in quality and speed. The interaction between the departments will encourage an atmosphere where innovation and product improvement will go hand in hand, which is very important for improving existing and developing new products. Our production department has a lot of practical experience and is always looking for new and better production methods to improve our products and production capacity.

Our Products

U.P.M. has two main departments:
PTFE compounds and regenerated PTFE. (Kunststoffen)

Most of the regenerated PTFE is used for the manufacturing of lubricants (micro-powders).
The virgin PTFE is the start of compounding process where we mainly produce tailor made products based on customer demand. With our large diversity of products we are able to reach all kind of specifications. U.P.M.’s production capacity still grows as a result of the new production department that was finished in 2007.